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Press: trouvaiz, Jeweler, Enterpreneue, Teacher.

Born in the southern part of Japan, Ayaka originally hails from Kagoshima, a sister city of Miami. She moved to NYC 14 years ago as a student. “I couldn't speak English well when I came here so I went to an English school first. I still remember since I didn't have confidence speaking English on the phone, I was so nervous to talk on the phone.”, she said. After passing her English requirement exams, she was able to enroll at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she would go on to study Jewelry design. She had dabbled in Jewelry design in the past.

After graduating, she went on to work for a couple of Jewelry companies, but also had her side hustle- her own brand, “Ayaka Nish”. Having started out of her apartment, she went on to sell at a few stores in SOHO, West Village, and the Upper East Side. She went from having one bench at her apartment to slowly growing to 4. “My apartment living space became a jewelry workshop”, she said. As she started to hire interns and train them, she realized that she enjoyed teaching. She gets her inspiration from her mother. “Actually my mother is a Floral Designer and flower arrangement school, teacher. She own flower shop and flower school in Japan. I grow up with the flower studio and school environment so I got an inspiration to teach a class beside working as a Designer.”

After meeting her husband, she decided to move her jewelry studio out of her apartment and get a storefront for it. She’s gone from having 1 bench in her apartment to now having 8 benches and 2 assistants. She says meeting new people has been an amazing part of her day-to-day. She’s met a wide array of people such as Vogue editors, actors, models, professors, engineers from Google etc. Her work has also been featured in music videos, tv shows, and movies. Some you might’ve even heard of- Avengers, a Beyonce music video, Gotham, and How to get away with murder.

“I think it is important to keep creativity and passion for jewelry so I want to keep doing my own jewelry line. I really like this balance of teaching and doing my own brand. I can still have my own creative time to develop my jewelry brand but also I can meet many kind(s) (of) people from teaching. I think to be a good teacher, it is important to keep experiments through making jewelry so I can provide my knowledge and experience to my students.”

Ayaka Nishiはマイアミの姉妹都市である日本の鹿児島に生まれ、14年に学生としてニューヨークに渡米しました。「ニューヨークに来て最初の頃はまだ英語が上手に話せなかったので、語学学校に通いました。今でも、英語を電話で話すのが自信がなくて不安だった事を思い出します。」と彼女は当時を振り返ります。


​大学を卒業後、彼女はいくつかのアメリカのジュエリーの会社に勤めながら、自分のジュエリーブランド、Ayaka Nishiを立ち上げました。彼女のジュエリーはSOHOやWest Village, Upper East Sideのお店で取り扱われるようになります。自身のアパートの一つのジュエリーベンチからブランドをスタートしたブランドは少しづつ成長し、4つのジュエリーベンチがリビングルームを占めるようになりました。「私のアパートのリビングルームはいつしかジュエリー工房となりました。」と語る。インターンにジュエリー制作を教えながら彼女はジュエリー制作を教えることにも喜びを見出すようになります。

Ayakaは結婚後、自宅工房ではなくストアを構え、その場所で工房兼スクールとしてスタートした。今では8つのジュエリーがスタジオにはあり、2人のアシスタントもいる。彼女のお店やスクールには、Vogueの編集者、女優、モデル、大学教授、Googleのエンジニアなど多くのタイプの人々が集まってくる。最近では彼女の作品はビヨンセのミュージックビデオやMarvelの映画、「Avengers」、HBOの「How To Get away with Murder」 に起用されるなどの活躍を見せている。



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